Duracell myGrid is a revolutionary technology that can charge different kinds of devices at one time with only one central location. If you have a business that rely on mobile devices as the main means for communication, then Duracell myGrid is the best for your business. But this device is also best for family purposes, as it can charge everybody’s mobile devices in the family at once. This way, you and your entire family can communicate easier and develop a stronger bond. You can place the Duracell myGrid in a location in your office where it is easy for everyone to access. This way, everyone can easily charge their mobile devices, so that they can easily communicate with each other especially for business purposes. Duracell myGrid can definitely help your business become more productive. This way, the employees will not have any excuses about forgetting to charge their phones. You can put Duracell myGrid in the hotel rooms for your guests as well. In the family environment, on the other hand, you can put the Duracell myGrid in a convenient place for everyone to access. This way, the entire family can easily recharge their mobile device and communication will be easier for everyone in the family. By charging using the Duracell myGrid, charging can be done without wires, without using different kinds of plugs and wires, and it has access to only one power outlet. Duracell myGrid is actually a portable charging station for the entire business or for the whole family. Though this technology is getting everyone closer to wireless charging, it still needs an interface between devices. The power clips and sleeves needed for this technology somehow bulks up the device. But the inconvenience is worth it with the benefits it can provide.

Using myGrid System

It would be best to buy a myGrid starter kit if you are planning to get your business or your family a Duracell myGrid system. This kit will help you get started with this technology. You can go to the myGrid device compatibility website and look for the type of myGrid charger that is compatible for the kind of mobile device that you have. There are a lot of websites that can help you decide on which Duracell myGrid System you should purchase. The charging pad is available in a Duracell myGrid starter kit, but for other devices, there are other power clips and sleeves that you can buy separately. By visiting Duracell myGrid websites, you can choose the appropriate power clip and sleeve for the type of mobile device you have. In these websites, you can also choose accessories for your myGrid system.

Cell Phone Starter Kit

This kit has a drop-and-go charging system for four devices at one time. This makes charging easier if you have more than one phone in your household or in the business establishment. This kit has a clip for phones such as Blackberry, Motorola and Nokia. Duracell also provide mobile chargers for new cars.

iPhone Starter Kit

This kit is designed especially for iPhone. This helps you avoid any cord clutter that may cause fire. This will help you charge four devices at once so you can play pokies online without interruptions. This comes with a nice power sleeves for your iPhone. Duracell myGrid definitely makes charging so much easier.

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