Lithium batteries

The main type of batteries used for cellphones and the rest of the mobile phones out there are lithium batteries. The lithium battery is used for cell phones and mobile phones because it has the ability to be recharged and it can carry twice the voltage power of the typical battery. It has two times the voltage of the zinc-carbon batteries and and the alkaline batteries. This makes the lithium battery the best kind of battery for cellphones, mobile phones and other home appliances that needs stronger power. The only problem with lithium battery is that it can be hazardous if it is not used or disposed in the right way.

Fire Hazards

if not properly used or disposed, lithium batteries may overheat. When lithium batteries overheat, they may explode or cause fire. This is a major risk that must be considered by the users of this battery. The main problem that companies and manufacturers have regarding the lithium battery is when it is transported in shipments. A massive number of lithium battery in one container, if overheats, may be very dangerous.

Skin Burn

The lithium batteries on the cellphone or on the mobile phones may get extremely hot. When it touches the skin of the user, it may cause skin burn. Cellphone and mobile phone users must be mindful of this fact so that their skin will remain healthy. The mobile phones of the cellphones must be properly placed in the pocket or in the bag.

Short Circuit

The lithium battery can discharge very high amount of currents because it has so much voltage for its very small size. This extreme amount of currents may lead to short circuit. When this happens, it may cause the effect of a stun gun on a person. It is very important that the person using this battery must consider this fact so that he or she can be prepared.


There is also a big risk when the lithium battery is overcharged or charged too fast. This may lead to failure in the anodes, or worse, it may combust. If you forgot your lithium battery being charged in your house, there is a big risk that it may combust and create fire. When you come back to your house, you may just be surprised that it is already burning or burnt. So, make sure that you do not charge your lithium battery too fast or overcharge it.

Chemical Reaction

there is a chemical composition in the core of the lithium battery that creates a high current discharge. If the core is breached, there is a big risk for chemical burn. This will lead to fire ot explosion. Make sure you put your lithium battery on the right place. You must handle your lithium battery with care.

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